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Transcription of leather pants-the rant that started it all ^.^

Ok .. this is how much I could make out. Someone oughtta fill in the gaps (marked [...]). Or maybe I'll come back to it sometime later ....

Hey all... well I decided to do my request e-mail I got like 3 [...] ago with the same thing
My wonderful rant about why Ed wears leather pants, I mean seriously, he wants to

show you either [...] ...what kind of pants does that boy wear?
Well, I don't get him ...first of all, let's[...]

It just doesn't look like jeans, it really doesn't. And also, it is shiny, it is visibly

shiny, it has a weird reflection thing going on.

And it's not the soaky kind of pants - I mean what kind of soldier walks around, in battle,

in soaky pants? Ok, it has to be like, the dumbest soldier ever. It's like: "Yeah I wanna

walk around with no protection for my vital organs, 'cos I have these soaky pants and my

boxers". Yeah ... Apparently if Ed was wearing soaky pants he wouldn't be as smart as

people see he is.

And so here's why he wears leather. First of all, look, how many times does he get the

crap beaten out of him? I mean, the only time I ever saw his pants even tear

slightly is in episode one, right, the first [...], when that chimera is attacking him -

that thing has claws, it has teeth. I'm sorry something that sharp even can rip through

leather, heck, I'm sure that, try hard enough, it could even rip through kevlar. And Ed

does not wear kevlar pants, heck I don't know if kevlar even existed back then.

Anyway but look at the rest of the show- Ed's shirt gets ripped off, the coat goes poof- I

mean, c'mon the coat always goes poof, idon't know how many clothes the boy has(!)
But his pants stay fine. Only leather can take that much damage...

So he's rolling around, he's running, he's getting hit by rocks, he's getting shot at...
His pants are fine. They're not even dirty
And on his order, on his [...]besides milk,
How the hell does he get blood out of leather, do you know how expensive that is?!
Yeah he wears leather, there's no doubt about it. His other pants a. ought to get trashed

or b. he looks pretty stupid wearing them.

Yeah, Ed walks around kicking butt in PJ pants(!) Yeah, that's something I wanna see.
Ed Elric: The Pyjama alchemist! Coming soon to a cinema near you! Now showing in

New York, Los Angeles and Santa Tonio, because those cities are retarded! No offense

included there.

Anyway, to add onto that, as to why he wears leather, because its kinda amusing ...

Ed shows no [...]

Leather comes from a cow.

He has very happy pants.

Oh, ooh ... This is from a doujinshi, they're drawing Edward's pants .... Very very visible


I'm sorry - I've worn leather. I've seen guys wear leather. And it turns in the way [...] in

the leather ... it shows boner. The way I see Ed's pants flowing, the creases, the shine,

that's pretty slick crap he's wearing.

You're not going to see a giant tent sticking out. No! Pay attention! Look at the shiny-

look at the crevices - it shows what he's wearing! No ...I'm not going to go into his [...]

'cos I don't know, it's either really heavy, really light, I don't know. Because ... Dig it, he's

a [...], Ok ...I'm not getting into that.

And that's it for this rant, I think I'll go write an essay now ... yay(!)

and by the way kyatto, i'm adding you to keep track of your rants ^_^

-This transcription was done by the lovely idly and I had to do alot of post digging to find it, but here you all go ^.^

You can find the link to this rant on ^.^
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