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Voice Post: Rant/Discussion- Roy/Ed Shipping (May have spoilers)


By: kyatto and noroki_girl
Topic: Roy/Ed Pairing among other FMA Insanity
Length: About 10 minutes (maybe?)
Genre: Humor, Parody, Random Insanity
Warnings: Dirty stuff is mentioned (like hard yaoi and male anatomy as well as sexual references), also there may be some spoilers.
Rating: May have to be rated R just to be safe

3439K 18:15
(no transcription available)

Disclaimer: What is mentioned in the voice post is only the opinions of kyatto and noroki_girl and not the fandom as a whole. Please, do not use this as an excuse to start an arguement about shipping.

A few people requested this so we hope you enjoy!

Transcription: (ASAP)

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Tags: ed, fma, fma movie, rant, roy, shipping, voice post
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