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Voice Post: Rant-...um...Pants? *many things are covered*


Brought to you by: kyatto a.k.a. Edo and noroki_girl a.k.a. Trisha
Length: About 20 mins
Topic: Many things. Range- ep. 48 dubbed, to Vic being Paku Romi in disguise, to Edo can't dance, to...Havoc's Pants.....
Rated: Hard PG-13 mostly for language and some off-content XD
Warnings: Some slight spoilers for FMA if you do not know episode 48 or beyond. Or if you do not know what a blimp is XD .

3784K 20:37
(no transcription available)

Disclaimer: The views in this voice post are that of kyatto and noroki_girl and not the "fandom" as a whole. Also these views are that of them at around 4:00 in the morning their time and may change completely once they are more awake and not living off of flu medication and Coca Cola. (Yes currently Kyatto has the flu as well as other....timely problems.... ) Not trying to start any "wank" or harrass anyone. If you feel personally offended or are spoiled, it's your own fault, your own beef. Have a problem, don't whine about it, email either kyatto or noroki_girl and things can be straightened out. We may be ranters, but we are NICE ranters. :D

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