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Ranter(s): azysapphy
Subject: Cosplay Wank
Rating: PG for minor swearing
Time: 1:30
Warnings: some swearing, caffinated hyperness, and random offtopic some loud moments.

Cosplay Rant

Disclaimer: The opinons stated are soley those of azysapphy and are not representative of the general population. Den apologizes if she offends anyone, but if you're listening to the file and you get offended, remember, nobody forced you to listen to her ramblings!

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azysapphy: Hey everyone! This is Azysapphy, aka Den, AKA Vengeance. Today, I’m going to rant about something that I’ve been meaning to rant about for awhile…Cosplay wank. Now, I’m not talking about wanking about how your costume isn’t coming along the way you wanted. I’m talking about people who wank about the cosplays that other people put hours and hours of hard work into.

* quick, random background noise*

azysapphy: sorry…I’m kinda multi-tasking here…ranting, and attempting to play .Hack//Infection at the moment…bleeeeeeeeeh…and as for the spelling of the word “blurb” it is B-L-U-R-B… dunno why I said that…ooo…shiny…anyhoo…I’m on caffeine and it’s late. Back on topic.

azysapphy: Cosplayers who put a lot of hard work into their costumes deserve praise for their hard work. Unfortunately, there are some shitty people in the world…I heard from Smittygirl that there was wankage after AWA, namely towards the Ed cosplayers…YOU WANKERS SUCK WORSE THAN ENVY DRESSED AS A FRENCH MAID!!! Gah…people suck…they suck lots…they suck so much they made Saionji suck too…whee! Utena Reference!


azysapphy: Someone tell me how to spell the sound of a raspberry…This is Azysapphy, aka Den, aka Vengeance, signing off…Wankers suck!
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