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Voice Post: Rant- The FMA Movie - SPOILER WARNING


Okay we said we were going to do a rant on the internet. We actually did it twice. Both were too long and refused to upload. So we'll do internet as a special seperate individual series.

So to please you FMA Fans, here's our Movie Rant!

(We didn't include everything because there was just too much to rant about and we were rather pressed for time so it would upload)

2369K 12:08
(no transcription available)

Topic: FullMetal Alchemist Movie
Warnings: PG-13, SPOILERS
Ranters: kyatto noroki_girl
Length: Roughly 10 minutes (maybe)

Note: This is not just a rant but a general discussion. We point out both the good and the bad. We may do another (FMA Movie Rant 2) and also when I get Adobe Premiere going we want to record our own fanon commentary :D Also all views in this are opinions not fact, just things we noticed. Feel free to discuss whatever we bring up amongst yourselves.

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