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The Timewasting Ranters

Wasting your time, one rant at a time...

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Well, Edo and I have so much fun doing this, that we decided to just make a permanent place to post these generally. Please don't get offended by anything posted here, our rants are just opinions. And we have decided to moderate memberships to lower flame rates. <.< sorry about that...anyways, enjoy!

Current Ranters:

kyatto - Kat, Ed, Edo
noroki_girl - Nicki, Trisha, Noroki

Current Transcribers:

(Still looking for more of these! :D )

Application to Join As A Ranter:

# of Ranters:
Length of Rant:
Rating: (PG, PG-13, R [if there is a lot of F-Word Use] )
Transcribed by: (most liekly will be added after posted)

(Note: You must host your Voice Posts on Your OWN LJ first. And if you are not a paid user and use a microphone recording you must find the file hosting for it yourself. (Please no YouSendIts because those only last a week) )

Application To Be A Transcriber:


-You must know the language the rant is in.
-If you can't understand a word sad, don't make up something, type in ***** and if it's really profound use $%&*
- You should have fairly decent spelling/grammar
-If you don't finish a transcription within a week, someone else can be assigned to finish it off if needed.

To Join As A Trans.:

When you ask to be added please make sure you mention it as a "Transcriber".

(Note: If you host the transcriptions on your personal LJ please make it a Public Post)

Subit your applications: HERE !

~* Have FUN! *~